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I have a dell xps l502x laptop that has a bad motherboard. Its specs are: i5, 8gb ddr3, 750gb hard drive, gt520m. Would it work if i bought a barebones pc and put in the hard drive which has windows 7 installed and the if and the ram. Does it take a lot of skill to put the components into a whitebox pc? I was considering getting a laptop such as this: http://rjtech.com/shop/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=30115 Any ideas or reccomendations are appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. hard disk and ram are easy to install. cpu is more time consuming as you have to take apart the entire dell laptop to get to it.
  2. We already had a computer shop take it apart and have all the components seperate. Would they work if we put it into the laptop I listed above? Thanks for the response.
  3. WOuld any laptop i5 work in the laptop in my first message?
  4. Shameful bump.
  5. proskillr said:
    WOuld any laptop i5 work in the laptop in my first message?

    Well laptop processors are different form desktop ones, obviously because of the massive heat a desktop i5 would put out and your laptop not being able to handle it. You would be better of getting an identical processor to the one your computer currently has, along with all the other parts.
  6. You would need to contact Clevo and ask if your parts are compatible. That is the BEST way of determining if it will work.

    Why not get the Dell PC replaced. If it is an i5 it is probably worth repairing.
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