CPU fried?

Hey guys and gals, ill round this up as fast as possible, but ive got a big problem, i have a feeling my CPU fried its self.
Easy way to explain is this, the other day i started playing GTA off steam, "all games and that ran fine" couples days later i woke up started playing all was well no problems, but that same morning i had a power outage electric went basicly. I started the PC up again, and went back into GTA, it was laggy.. real laggy, then i tested my other games, same thing massive FPS drops, its hit hard. At first i didnt know the problem, but after a day of fiddling around with my softwares and such, i found that i had a weird CPU instead of what it was meant to be, my CPU is supposed to be named "AMD athlon II x2 260", but now its a AMD engineering sample 1.6ghz. "This is checked via properties on the computer" *Hit start right click computer and hit properties", i also belarc checked, and SIW checked, and also BIOS checked, all showing the same thing. Anyone know what i should do? ive contacted support of the store i bought the pc from, they want me to take it in for repair. Basicly i want to know, whats this AMD engineering sample, ive heard rumors their faulty, supposed to be "retail" only, what should i do?, send it in for repairs?.
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  1. Still cant edit posts. :( But another thing to ask, they said to remove my Hard Drive if i send it in, why?.
  2. Doubt your CPU is fried otherwise your comp wouldn't turn on.

    Probably to make sure that your data doesn't get lost from the hard drive getting damaged or your comp getting lost during transport.
  3. Thats just it, there appears to be 2 CPU's in the computer, My AMD Athlon II x2 260 3.2GHz and this AMD engineering sample 1.6GHz.
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