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Need Help with my PC build.

Trying to figure out what is wrong with my PC build. When I boot up my machine I see a red light flash for DRAM, BIOS, VGA, and CPU. they all flash one by one and the fans kick on and then my computer reboots itself. I have managed to get it on long enough to install a win7OS as it does boot up if I keep trying to get it to boot. I have also found out that only A1 and B1 can hold DIMM, if I try to put DIMM into A2 and B2, the PC will not boot up, same goes as if I put in a Grphics card in the PCI-E slot. Please Help!
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  1. Is this a new build? I would have the motherboard looked at, may be faulty on arrival.
  2. Yes, just go it in yesterday
  3. It now boots up, but the red lights still flash first and I am still only able to use A1, B1 Dimm slots or it will not boot.
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    Check your user manual to see what configurations the ram can be used in. Unless they are not allowed there, which I expect they should be, your board may have faulty slots. Unfortunately not all hardware arrives in working condition and its a pain when you have to stop your new build to sort that out. The manual should also help sort out what the lights mean. It may be tempting to just be happy running the two working slots but you might kick yourself down the track when it becomes an issue at upgrade time.
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    I feel pretty dumb, but I am a noob at this. I forgot to put in my standoff screws before I mounted my mobo. :|. Im glad the board didn't fry. All is good now. Thnx for the help.
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