Fresh build, can't detect graphics card.

Just built my first computer and can't seem to get it to recognize that it has a graphics card. I've installed every disc possible but still no luck. Pretty sure it has power because the fan is spinning. I've tried some things in the BIOS but still a noob at this point.

Corsair 650TX
Sapphire HD6870
Cooler Master HAF 922

I've been searching, but haven't found anything that solved it yet. Also running Windows 7.
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  1. I did hook up both six pin connectors, the two four pin connectors for the CPU, and everything else seems to be working perfectly. I have a little OCD so I looked over this thing about six times before even considering plugging it in. I'm currently running the computer off the integrated port, but no graphics card yet.
  2. The integrated only works with the card out of the slot and the card will only display using its own connectors.
  3. Have you tried it with the video card uninstalled and only use the internal GPU on the MB? Made sure the internal GPU was enabled in the BIOS? Plugged the monitor into the MB port? Is the monitor set up (on-screen menu) for the correct input?

    If you still have no signal then try a different monitor AND a different comm cable to the MB. If you still have no signal then bad MB. :(

    If you do have a signal the go ahead and update all drivers for the new computer. Get everything working. Then try installing the new card. Move the monitor comm cable to the new card . Boot into the BIOS, change video output from the MB to the card and get into Windows. NOW install the drivers for the new card and then restart.
  4. So..... I took the card out. Started it and nothing changed, but when I put it back in it worked. So I might have pulled a noob move and not clicked it in far enough. Sorta humiliating, but better than having to return something...
    Hopefully everything is good now so I can use more than 01% of my processors.

    Sorry for the wasted time, but the replies are appreciated.
  5. Glad it was simple, enjoy!
  6. Been there, done it. Congrats on the first build. THere's no looking back...
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