What is the average temperature for the GTX 550 TI?


I have had another ''chart'' about/for the GTX 550 TI but for some reason I can't find it anymore :(
So here is my question: what is the average temperature for the GTX 550 TI, I am asking this because my GTX 550 TI keeps reaching temperatures like 75c or sometimes even 82c (After 40 minutes of playing games like Skyrim,MW3,L4D2)
I really need to know if this is a problem, so I can return the GPU before Tuesday otherwise I will lose 4 months of sparing money :sweat:
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  1. Yes, 75c is perfectly normal for that nVidia card. Don't forget that nVidia cards are generally hotter and louder than its AMD counterparts.
    AMD Cards can run up to 100C, but nVidia cards can run over 115C! :sweat: Enough to boil water...

    Here is some links :

    Hope it helps! :)
  2. Thank you!
  3. Oh thank god, to bloc97

    My 550ti has been staying at like 70 when playing demanding games, and its been freaking me out
  4. You should be fine. My 550ti hits the mid 80's during folding.
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