Weird problem might be cpu (CHess titans freezing computer)

akrught so i just built a computer and got everything up and running. I am using integrated gpu for now (Intel HD 4000) because im going to buy a gtx 680 in a couple of days. A little while ago I clicked chess titans and it asked me for difficulty i clicked intermediate and it froze. The entire computer froze. I dont think it is my specs because these are the following:

i7 3770k
asus p9z77-v mobo
16gb corsair vengeance ram, (memdiagnostic said its fine)
h100 cooler
antec 750-ea psu


Also everytime i want to check windows index rating, it freezes the computer too
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  1. Hi :)

    You DID INSTALL the graphics drivers and chipset drivers from the Motherboard CD of course ???

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Yes of course. Now i tried netflix and that freezes too.
  3. Have you adjusted the clocks, tweeked ram timings, overclocked at all? Are all of your drivers up to date - from manufacturers web site, not CD? I would run Prime95 at this time which will find computation errors in the CPU. I personally would be suspecting a driver or ram (I know the program said it's okay) issue from the symptoms but it could be the CPU. See what Prime 95 tells you in a 2-4 hour run.
  4. nothing at all literally finished installing windows 7 yesterday. all drivers are updated. ill check prime95 now
  5. i ran prime95 and it is not giving me any errors so far. ran it for about an hour maybe more. Any other thing to check?
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