Video System, CPU thoughts?

Hello. I'm building a new system explicitly for video rendering purposes. So far a lot of the other components have fallen in place pretty easily. Current-gen nVidia Quadro video card to make Adobe Premiere CS5.5 happy, 1000W PSU for OC'ing purposes, etc.

Anyway, the major hangup I am having is in the CPU department. I have discounted AMD processors for this one and am going Intel. The current line of Xeon processors are a bit expensive for my needs and offer no OC ability so I am naturally looking at the Sandy Bridge-E 3930K (and thus Socket 2011) as the target platform, based on currently available processors.

However we are already most of the way through 2012 and both Haswell and Ivy Bridge-E are a few months away. If I had gotten the funding together to complete this build as intended a few months ago I would definitely have a 3930K in there. But with Haswell about half-a-year away and IB-E in '13 as well...

Any thoughts? Should I buy now, wait for a refresh, or buy a 3930K later when prices drop somewhat?

As mentioned I am going to OC this one, and I will be using water cooling as well.

Also if you have any 'video editing'-oriented MB recommendations, feel free to include them as well. I am looking at a RAID 0 setup in tandem with an SSD C: drive.

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  1. I do have a suggestion here, not inexpensive but very viable I believe.
    Motherboard, ASUS P8Z77-V PREMIUM $450
    paired with an Intel Core i7-3770K $340
    some CORSAIR DOMINATOR GT 32GB ram $400 - that's overkill IMO.
    Not server class but add some SSD's, you should be good for a month (er, uh, I mean a year) or two or...
    Only an option...
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    If you need the extra horsepower now, get it now, and don't wait. there is always something new just around the corner. The bottom line is how much productivity could you get out of this system now and for the next few months instead of waiting for the "perfect" system that never really is perfect.
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