Radeon HD 6850 vs GeForce GTX 460 in crysis

Is it just me or did the GTX 460 get owned by a radeon HD 6850 in crysis?
Me and my friend were testing our cards (he had the GTX 460 and a quad core and i had the HD 6850 and a triple core cpu).
And he couldn't run the game on very high settings (he could but wasn't playable enough) but the radeon hd 6850 could run on very high without probs.
Most people compare these cards but in crysis its like comparing a geforce 9500gt with a geforce 9800gt
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    Nothing owned Crysis 1 in the beginning even I bought an 8800GTX on launch day cause I thought it would max out Crysis 1 in DX10 boy was I wrong 13fps max. For some reason the Radeon 68xx plays very well with Crysis 1 it just loves them for some reason.

    Well it certainly loves the HD 5850 more than any other radeon 68** :D
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    Still much to high for an 8800 GT must have been benched on med settings anyway thank for the Ad Homonym Attack there Cowboy.

    The 9800gt is a rebranded 8800gt so both cards are equal in terms of performance
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    Much to high numbers for a lowly 8800GT as in 24fps maybe on med settings @ 1680x1050 not maxed out. Can you please post the source of the document you posted. PS I am well aware of the 8800GT and 9800GT and 9800GTX and 9800 GTX+ I owned them all at one point or another.

    So what you're saying is that you're a rich man? XD I barely had the money for a HD 6850, before that i had the GeForce GT 240 1gb GDDR5. Also my entire rig is cheap as hell.
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