How to i5 2500K + Cool?

Hi there I just ordered a new motherboard, CPU, and Cooler.

CPU: i5 2500K

Mobo: ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI

CPU Cooler: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus

Paste: Arctic Silver 5

I have some PC experience I have built 5 or 6 in the last 4 years for myself and other but have always put the stock cooler that comes with set CPU and I never overclocked... But I wanted to get a CPU that I could overclock and really just explore and have fun with there go my purchase of the "i5 2500K"

I have never but a after market cooler on or paste and was wondering if there is a good "how to" video or guide as I don't really wanna screw this up and over heat something when i turn it on or break the motherboard with the screws ex...

I am worried I wont put enough paste on or what if I put to much on.. things like that and is there any prep work just looking for advice.
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  1. How much of a performance increase is there from my AMD phenom II X4 B55 ( which is a unlocked CPU) to the i5 2500K?? even with no over clocking??

    How much of a increase do you see with over clocking it to say 4.0GHz
  2. You'll never get the Phenom II to perform close to the stock i5-2500k for gaming. O/C or no.,3106-5.html
    The 980BE is stock at 3.7GHZ and is 2+ tiers away form the 2500k. 300mhz more won't make much difference.
  3. Does the i5 2500K use less power (watts) then my unlocked phenom sorry random question even if overclocked to 4.0
  4. The i5-2500k is a 95W processor. The Phenom II 555 (if that is what you have) is an 80W CPU. But if you unlocked the 2 dormant cores, you have the equivelant of a Ph II X4 955... a 125W CPU.
  5. Yes that is correct so I will be using less power and gaining about double the performance basically? gaming I should see a noticeable improvement I know this depends on my video card as well but I will be getting a MSI GTX660 Ti OC edition when I order this as well.
  6. It all depends on what you consider a 'noticable improvement'. The i5 will way more than keep up with the 660ti. The Phenom II X4 @ 4GHZ will struggle. So yeah, the 660ti will give all its got with the i5. It will be mildly bottle necked by the O/C PHIIX4.
    Btw, if you unlocked a dual core 555 to a quad core B55 and got it up to 4GHZ... very impressive processor you managed to get. I once had a 555 that unlocked all cores and got it to 3.7GHZ with just the multiplier. But it would fault Prime95 after several hours of stress testing. I never messed with the voltage back then.
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