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Hi guys I was wondering if anyone an help me gather a list of parts I need to build my pc for diablo 3 in max settings or ultra with a budget around 600-700 dollars. The thins that I don't need are - the os, mouse, keyboard, monitor. Thank You.

Also would the 600 budget pc build be good to run d3? The one listed in the budget pc project on the main page ?
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  1. 600 usd is way overkill to Max Diablo 3.

    Cpu and Motherboard : [...] mbo.915542

    Ram: [...] 6820231424

    Videocard : [...] 6814150573

    HDD: [...] 6822152181

    Psu: [...] 6817194090

    Case: [...] 6811147122

    total: 486 usd

    This build Will Max Diablo at that Resolution.

    Check this Article [...] 195-6.html
  2. The pages don't work xD
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