Diablo gaming rig - how am I looking?

Hey everyone. Building a new rig mainly for gaming (D3). Just wanted to ask around and get a few suggestions. Will a 650watt power supply be enough or should I go higher? Any input on the parts is greatly appreciated. Pros/Cons of what I've picked?? Anything I'm missing? I was considering picking up a smaller SDD, will that be worth the extra investment or am I good with a standard hard drive? Thanks in advance!

Case - HAF 942
PSU - Antec 650w
RAM - 2x4gb g.skill ripjaws
Mobo - ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3
CPU - i5-2500k
HDD - western digital 500gb 7200rpm
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  1. looking god! should get a better gpu like GTX670 or HD7870... worth it!
  2. i5-2500k + a gtx 560 can EASILY max out the game at 1080.

    However you are spending a lot of money on a case. I would spend like $60 on a case (like the haf 912) and spend the extra $100 on the graphics card (like a 7850).
  3. Diablo3 has very low hardware requirements, practically any CPU + HD6770 can do 60+ FPS at 1920x1080 with max details.,3195-5.html

    The CPU benchmark page shows that all tested CPUs starting with a 2GHz PhenomII-X4 manage 80+fps.
  4. How many instances of the game do you plan on running simultaneously? I suspect your rig could handle at least 2x Diablo 3 at high quality and 1080p.
  5. Honestly what pc do you have now? anything with a dual core + 6670 can almost max the game.
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    While Diablo 3 will not push the limits of the system you listed, you may want to consider a little less case and a little more graphics card, on the off chance that you decide to play a game that can stretch your system a little more. What you have now is a pretty unbalanced system: High end cpu with mid range gpu. would give you $70 more for your gpu. would give you $120 more.

    assuming your 560 was about 180-190 the haf 922 would put you in the $300 range, which is or
  7. use this on your current system it will tel you if you need to upgrade something
  8. Right now I'm on a junk replacement laptop that HP sent me for a class action settlement. Never again! Thanks everyone for the quick responses I think I am going to downgrade the case and upgrade the graphics card a little bit. Thanks again
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