XFX DD 7770 & BF3

I have just bought my new PSU and my new GPU and was wondering if I can run it and still get good FPS in BF3.

System Specs:
Core i7 975x @ 4.2Ghz
12GB DDR3 Crucial 1600Mhz Ram
Silverstone Stryder 850w 80+ Gold PSU
ASUS Rampage III Formula Mobo
NZXT Switch 810 case (defective though)
Two Corsair Force GT 60GB SSD's Raid 0

One XFX DD 7770 1GB GPU

If I were to get a second 7770 would the performance match or even be better than my fried 6950 2GB?
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  1. http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/HIS/HD_7750_7770_CrossFire/9.html

    The HD 7770 crossfire setup will blow the hd 6950 & 6970 out of the water and sometimes even the 7950 in some benchmarks.( Except for the Skyrim benchmark where the results are terrible for the 7770s
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