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Hello, I just recently upgraded my GPU to a GTX 660ti, the problem is, I haven't enough money to buy a new CPU, so it is still an old Core 2 Duo E6400 that is severely bottlenecking the GTX 660ti. Can someone help me with finding the a good cheap mobo and CPU combo that does not bottleneck my GPU? AMD or Intel doesn't really matter to me, neither do the sockets as I'm changing my mobo anyways. My budget is around 200$-300$ Canadian. Please help, I want to get the best out of my new card.
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  1. I'm looking to buy in person from a store like NCIX, so I don't think I'd find that mobo there....
  2. Gigabyte H77M-D3H motherboard $89.99 -

    Intel Core i5 3450 $209.99 -

    I'm guessing you're still running off of DDR2 RAM, so here's a DDR3 kit $40.99 -

    That brings the total to around $350, but I feel this is the best option you can take to take full advantage of your GTX660 Ti :)
  3. What about an AMD build? My top priority is saving money while getting the most out of my GPU.
  4. Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 motherboard $134.99 (After MIR, $159.99 before) -

    AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE CPU $99.99 -

    You would typically want a Phenom II X4 CPU when given the chance over any of the FX chips as they perform significantly better for a lower cost.

    I chose a 990FX board so you could have massive flexibility to upgrade to Piledriver whenever it is released if you chose to do so :)

    This is much cheaper than the Intel route and it should leave you with decent performance!
  5. If you want to save about 40$ on the mobo mocchan suggested and get the phenom II965 BE then you could go with this. I did.

    BUT make sure your case is big enough for it.

    also unless you live near a microcenter or frys I doubt you will find what you need. I live in a medium sized city and for the life of me couldn't find anything for a cheap AMD gaming build. Sorry if this didn't help :p
  6. Thats fine vickus, I was already looking at that motherboard for an AMD board, might go with that one.
  7. The ASUS motherboard vickus listed is actually very decent, you can achieve very modest OC's with it as well. It's also fully capable of supporting Piledriver CPU's, so I don't see why not you shouldn't go with it if you can save money! :)
  8. How do I go about finding out what RAM I have? Not sure if it's DDR2 or DDR3.
  9. Download CPU-Z and go under the "Memory" section. It should tell you if you have DDR3 or DDR2 :)

  10. The ASUS mobo vickus recommended does not get shipped to my location.. :( can you guys recommend a good one that is about the same price?
  11. Thanks, but the guy at the store said that they should be getting them on Wednesday and I already got the CPU.
  12. Whoops, by "the CPU' I meant a 40$ more expensive Phenom II X6 1045T.
  13. tehgeneration said:
    Whoops, by "the CPU' I meant a 40$ more expensive Phenom II X6 1045T.

    That's not too bad actually. If you can OC it to around 3.5-3.6Ghz, it should leave you quite happy :)
  14. I'll try to do that :) thanks guys for your help.
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