HD 6670 Boot problem

My specs:
Core2Duo processor,
Intel DG31PR motherboard,
1GB powercolor HD 6670 GPU,
Corsair CX 430W PSU,
windows 7 32bit.

Recently upgraded my PC with a new GPU HD 6670 from my old 8400GS. After upgrade i faced boot problems. The computer wont cold boot so initially i thought the drivers are causing the problem so i formatted my PC and installed windows again. The GPU was working fine until i installed the catalyst driver, after reboot the same boot problem continues. I had to remove the GPU for now.

I doubt the faulty card problem because i played Battlefield Bad company 2 and several games when it worked fine. Any suggestions on what the problem might be and any solutions? Help me!
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  1. Are you using the drive come with the manufacture or you download from AMD website..
  2. sonexpc said:
    Are you using the drive come with the manufacture or you download from AMD website..

    First when i upgraded i used driver from the AMD site. Then when i re installed windows i used the driver that came along with the card. Same problem.. sometimes the pc boots up and sometimes it does not.
  3. scout_03 said:

    Its HD 6670 not HD 6770.. HD 6670 does not require an external power supply.
  4. just took the wrong card but the one you got need a 400 watts just for her,and try the latest driver http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Pages/radeonaiw_vista32.aspx
  5. I really don't like Power color brand.... when we use Radeon 9600 ...that is 6 years ago... I have some Power color Video card can only use their driver.... after upgrade it crash... I don't know this time will be the same... but you can try uninstall all the ATI driver frist.... and install the disk come with power color.. first ... see any improvement... and decide what should do in next step...
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