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I just ordered a quick replacement for a generic 400 watt psu inside my system that was making a grinding noise and failing to properly power my pc

The psu I just ordered is a

Yes I know it has really bad reviews and its bad quality I just need something that can deliver 400 watts of steady power and I liked the blue led fan and low price.

I wanted to ask... how bad is it really

I have a 5750 1gb
and amd phenom ii x6
with a few other basic things

Can I use this psu without is blowing up in my face

After reading the reviews I was a bit disapointed but I needed a psu fast and well this is what I got... sadly :fou:

so I would like your feedback please :??:
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  1. Wouldn't risk it.

    On a scale of 1-10 it'd be in the negatives.

    This is what I think when I think raidmax:
  2. lol amuffin is right anyway it's Tier 5 - WORST OF THE WORST NOT RECOMMENDED. Replace ASAP if you have one. source:
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    No doubt, it's one of the worst of the worst, BUT, at least with that system, you're not really pushing it very hard.
  4. It's slowly killing his system.
  5. amuffin said:
    It's slowly killing his system.

    True, but at least it shouldn't literally blow up. :lol: (Not that I would put that past it, even under low loads, I suppose, lol).
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