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Hopefully this is in the right forum but here goes...

So I am putting the finishing touches on a build and ran across a small issue. The fan power connector for my front intake is too short to plug into the motherboard header. I want to plug it Ito the motherboard directly with the rest of my fans to take advantage Of asus' fanxpert software. It's a 3 pin connector that just needs a proper extension cable so would something like this ( work?. If not feel free to post any of your suggestions.

Secondly I was going to add some LED lighting to my case. I've heard good things about bitfenix's alchemy series but seems like a lot today for some extra lighting. Any recommendations on LED based lighting solutions and is there any easy way to control the lighting (on or off)? Thanks in advance!
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    Yes, the extension cable you linked to will work. Sorry I dont know much about extra lighting on the case :)
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