NVIDIA Gaming GPU..? Bang for buck?

I've been scouting around for a new graphics card and found that the prices (on sale) generally hover around what I've listed below. I was wondering what would be considered the best value per dollar.

GTX 460 - $100
GTX 560 - $150
GTX 560 TI - $200
GTX 480 - $220
GTX 560 TI 448 - $250
GTX 570 - $300

I'm an average gamer, not looking for the BEST, but I am looking for something NICE.. does that make sense ? haha
Currently I'm running two EVGA 9800GTs in SLI, which is working out great!

Please don't suggest that I should go for any RADEON card. I'm using a motherboard with an NVIDIA chipset, and thus will only support SLI, (but not CrossfireX) which I intend to do sometime in the future.

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  1. The 460 is good, but old tech, so in the future you might have a hard time finding another for sli. The 560Ti is limited adition, so same goes for it. The 560Ti is probably your best bet
  2. Yea is what i would do, is get a card that u can afford for temporary. And when NVIDIA release they're new stuff. check to see whats best bang for buck and pricing. then make your move!
  3. I was pretty happy with my GTX 475. So happy I bought two of them and did an SLI config. Now I have a GTX 580 and I'm thinking about getting another one.

    My recommendation if you can do it is to go for the GTX 560. That should get you by until Kepler comes out. That will cause all the older chipsets to get cheaper so maybe you want to bide your time.
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys.

    I know the best thing to do is wait until the Kepler comes out, if I want to get the best bang for buck on these older GPUs, so I probably will wait until it does.

    I guess I mainly wanted to know, is the the performance from a GTX 560 worth $50 more than the GTX 460? is the performance from a GTX 560TI worth $100 more than the GTX460? etc etc.

    I know the GTX460 is old tech, so it is becoming obsolete, BUT I am willing to bet that SOME stores will still have it within the next year.

    Or what about this, if I bought two GTX460s for $200, or a GTX 560TI RIGHT NOW.... which has better value? I know the single GPU leaves for better upgradability, but I'm thinking that a pair of GTX460s will be powerful enough to last for a long while before I even need to upgrade, so maybe just ditch them for new cards in 3 years or something.

  5. Yes, the 560ti is worth it. Less power consumption and MUCH better performance.
  6. Quote:
    If you can SLi 2 460's or even 2 470's you will be set for a while yet ( 2 years) IMO.
    Just because they are old tech don't mean they are slouches.
    My 2 480's cream all over 7xxx series and almost touch 2x 580 SLi.

    I can get an EVGA GTX 480 for $250, would you recommend that?
    I know the heat/power consumption is enormous, but then again.. so is any SLI configuration....

  7. Quote:
    $250 is a steal for such a fast gpu.

    I know, I thought so too.
    Would you recommend TWO GTX460s or ONE GTX 480?
  8. Quote:
    $250 is a steal for such a fast gpu.

    Hehe.. it doesn't even cost $250 anymore..

    $220 CAD + free shipping... *drools*

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  10. GTX 460 is the best bang for the buck on that list and the 560 ti is not worth the 100 extra
  11. Quote:
    GTX 460 is the best bang for the buck on that list and the 560 ti is not worth the 100 extra

    I was thinking that might be the case... Looks like I'll be deciding between the GTX 460 or 480... Zomg.
  12. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... just squint your eyes and you can save yourself $200. lol
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