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my parents have a secured wifi network, i have used the WPS feature on my winows 7 computer to access it, now all i want is to find where my computer store the password and credentils when t connected via WPS, so i can access the network on my Imac
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  1. Alexbridgeman, in Windows 7: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center then click on "Wireless Network settings"
    Then on "Wireless Properties."
    Then on "Security"
    Then on "Show characters"
  2. dont know where its stored but should point out that a security flaw with wps means the password can be

    relatively easily broken--in as little as a couple of hours--much faster than a decent wpa password can be

    my advice is to disable wps in your router configuration page--if your router allows disabling wps
  3. In the Start Menu search box type in: stored passwords
    From the Control Panel section choose Manage Windows Credentials.
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