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How much $ on electric bill can you save ?

I want to know how much money i'll save on electric by using different cards gtx 570 hd 6970 gtx 480 running at idle 50% and full load
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    Idle power consumption:

    Max power consumption:

    Probably no more than $1 per month, but that depends on a lot of things. You can figure out how much you save by:

    (Video Card #1 Max power - Video Card #2 Max power) * Estimated hours per month * $ per KWH you pay / 1000.
  2. Here's a basic reference, though it won't really solve your question:,3066-4.html
    Well, you know how much your electricity costs (I assume) and you can find the consumption of your system with a Kill-a-Watt or estimate it with a bit-tech review (example: just google "<card name> thermals"). You could try to estimate the number of hours you use your computer and do the math yourself. That'll definitely be the most reliable method.
  3. so i just calculated between 480 and 6970 underload
    78*15 hour *30 day* 13c /1000=456 cent which is $4.5 a month but that being the max so reality will be less. Thanks
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