GTX 560 TI how many fps?

Yes hi i would like to know how many fps would i get on average on bf3 at ultra at 1920X1080 or even 2560X1600?
The specs are AMD FX 6100 3.3ghz six cores

so i need to know what is the average FPS and do you think its worth the extra cash? than 2 GTX 550 TI

So i need to know the following

Which one is better dollar for dollar and performance by performance.
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    At those resolutions with that processor bottleneck, you'll get about 30-35 fps. I have a single GTX 560 ti 2gb, and I get about 45 fps with an overclocked core i5 2500k (4.2 GHz.) I suggest I GTX 570 or wait for Kepler. Here's a list of Kepler cards, predicted prices, performance estimates, etc:,14642.html
    Hope that helped.
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