Ever heard of a pcie 1x to 16 time adapter?


As stated I have never seen these. I wanted to get some opinions on them. I currently have a xfx 6770 gpu. This is crazy and out there but I thought of using this thing for crossfire. I would buy this piece first then test speeds with my current card and if all is well then crossfire them with a new card. My motherboard only has 1 pcie 2.0 16 slot. Are there major drawbacks from speed in comparing the 1x slot to the 16x slot. There is another one on here for a penny lol. It's only 8 bucks but if you guys know it is not going to work it will save me an extra lunch at mcdonalds. If this doesn't work at all, would you suggest a 6870 or me to get a new motherboard(even though I just got railed from behind from the local pc store, i paid 90 bucks for a micro atx board that is using a 2 year old northbridge :l ) I saw an Asus board on here that is $55 and with another 6770 it would cost close to the 6870 I want. Thanks.
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  1. That adapter just allows you to use a 16 lane card in a single lane slot with the commensurate drop in performance.

    The performance drop when running a 16 lane PCIe graphics card throttled down to a single PCIe lane is considerable.
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