Hey guys,

I am doing my first build in a bout 10 years (last one was with an orig pentium 4) and thought I'd ask for some help with it.

I will mostly be using it as my new all-around rig and awaiting to play GW2. I don't usually play too many FPS games but just in case I want to, I made this build to be good enough for all kinds of gaming.

Wanting something more compact, I decided for a SFF-mATX build as follows:

NZXT Vulcan mATX Case
SeaSonic M12II 620Watt Bronze
Asus Z77 Maximus V-GENE Board
Intel i5-3570k
Antec Kuhler 620 (decided for the closed loop liquid)
G.Skill Sniper Series 8GB DD3 2133 Ram
GeForce GTX 670 (probably GB Windforce OC unless asus hurries with their directcu lineup)
OCZ Vertex 4 128GB SSD
Random DVD-rom drive (Lite-On/Samsung/Asus)
Assorted cooling fans....
Have 2.1 speaker set already
Win7 Ultimate 64-Bit

Monitor: Dell U2312HM (23" IPS)

Does everything look alright?
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  1. Everything is Fine, nice build. But if you Really Want a Small Rig, I would go With Mini itx with this case

    Can hold an I5 and a Gtx 670 and Overclocks. I personally Got the Vulcan Case with a Evga micro atx mobo inside, I really hate it , its a Light show because all the case is mesh. If you Dont Care about Lights then Go ahead.

    Good build and Nice Choice on the Psu.

    Pd: As you can see in the video i post, The motherboard have alot of Red Leds , Just to let you know, if you are buying Cooling fans to get red ones. So you Dont get Colors like me.

    Orange Fans, Blue Cpu Cooler, Red Ram, Red Evga motherboard and Red Gpu with a Nice purple Fan in the front. FML
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