Registry Edit Gone Wrong?

So I was playing around with registry editors from cnet, trying them out and uninstalling them if I didn't like them. NOw it seems my internet connection doesn't work (and I suppose there could be more wrong too.) I restarted my router which didn't help, and my home network is fine (which is how I'm posting this from another computer.) I did a windows diagnostic and it said to connect an Ethernet cable, even though I use wireless. More importantly, it said it can't find windows wireless service, which makes me think it got deleted. I also tried reinstalling wireless connector's drivers from the cd, but that had no effect.

Now normally, I could just do a system restore or use those registry edit programs' backups. However, upon trying all of these I found that I don't have any backups, no system images, and there registry backups I tried had no effect. I put in the windows 7 installation disk to try a repair but it seems w/o backups, all it can do is startup repair. Is there anything else I can do short of reinstalling the OS? I admit I don't totally mind doing that, but I heard you have to call microsoft up for a new key and I don't really want to explain how I was an idiot messing around with windows components. Is there any way to get windows services/registry copy off the windows 7 installation disk w/o reinstallation of the OS? ... Any help?
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  1. You might as well do the reinstall, and chalk it to a lesson learned. If you don't know exactly what you are doing, you should leave your registry, and those useless registry tweaker programs alone.
    Sorry, but this is what happens about 98% of the time.
  2. lesson learned.
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