How to ping a multiple network?

Hi everyone,

I have a hotspot network with the following config:

Router (hotspot) Wan Lan WRT54gl

I put the APs on 192.168.2.x so nobody ca access them from the hotspot :)

the hotspot is working well and fast. No problem.

Any way I was wondering if there were a chance to ping the Aps from the router?

If i SSH my router from the Wan, I Can ping and and that's all

Thanks to any one who can answer.


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  1. Could you repeat your situation, please explain more clearly

    What are you trying to achieve?
  2. Fine!!
    In order to perform ping test, just visit this site
    It has the best information of IP address, IP address to domain, domain name to IP,domain name, hosting, and ping test to know the particular connection is online or not!!!!!
  3. just do ping on broadcast address
  4. axxeon said:

    What are you trying to achieve?

    I'm trying to ping addresses in 192.168.2.x but having my own address on 192.168.4.x

    Router (hotspot) Wan Lan hotspot gateway) WRT54gl
    APS Lan

    Aps are on 192.168.2.x so when you get an ip from the hotspot you cant access them at all.

    Never the less I would like to be able ping the aps to check they are all on.

    As a client of an ap, if I force my ip into 192.168.2.x I can ping only the Ap i'm connected to and not all of them :(

    If i use dhcp, I get an ip in 192.168.4.x, and cant ping any ip.
  5. Hmm, please make a more detailed description.

    I'll egt the jist of it if you explain it better, then I'll be able to help you
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