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HI, thanks for reading.

Universal Abit is dead I think and doesn't have a Support.

I wanna buy a Kuma 7750.

Link for CPU Compatibility:

This motherboard is compatible with the Phenom, but I wanna buy a Kuma 7750, cause I can get it for a lower price.

Is Kuma 7750 compatible?

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  1. Its not on the list.
  2. nikorr said:
    Its not on the list.

    Nikorr, thanks for the fast answer.

    What I wanna know is:
    If a motherboard is compatible with Phenom AM2+, Is it usually compatilbe with Kuma 7750 too?

    Or Is there a chance to works only with Phenom?
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    I am not AMD guy, but there could be voltage issue or BIOS is not updated to work properly or something else.

    But in many cases, even if its not listed, it still may work. But with your mobo, I didn't see anyone on the net using that CPU.
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