Is this build capable of running battlefield 3 on ultra?

Hello, I'm looking to build a new PC to run battefield on ULTRA settings but am not sure whether this build will cut it. suggested build Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V LX RAM 8GB Processor i5 2500K Buying as a bundle here's the link mother board bundle&src=16 graphics card GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 560Ti OC 1024MB GDDR5 link power supply Corsair Memory 600W Builder Series CX V2 ATX PSU link case? anything you can suggest OS windows 7 (64 bit) Purchase date The next 5-6 weeks Budget Range £500-£800 Purpose To play BF3 and other high spec games my laptop just wont cut it anymore =( Parts already owned Disc drive,hard drive and case (no extra cooling so will probably have to update that) Website favoured for parts Been surfing around novatech and dabs but any site which will deliver to the uk Country UK Overclocking Maybe Resolution 1920 x 1080
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  1. Everything looks good IMO but I would opt for a gtx 670 when it becomes available. If you got a little stretch in your budget get a gtx 680 and call it a day. If you plan on not overclocking try going with a IB 3550 since your going with a z77 board and it costs a little bit less than a 2500k.

    Reason I say this was I tried running BF3 on ultra with 560 Ti on a q6600 OC'd 3.6 Ghz /w 8gig memory and I was getting intermittent stuttering on 1680x1050. Had to drop it to high and was okay from there.
  2. whens the 670 likely to come out
    and what price range
  3. Probably sometime in june i think. Price target range is in the $400 usd.
  4. Thanks man found it on dabs £350 will shop around you reckon that it would need an upgraded ps from 600W
  5. You should be fine with the 600w and the target setup you mentioned even adding a couple HDDs and maybe a sound card. I'd start looking if you plan on doing sli/xfire or higher.
  6. you mentioned having trouble with your gtx560ti on ultra would I be able to get an improvement if I upgraded to a gtx570 or may double 2 gtx560ti not sure if the board could do it though
  7. well I'm sure its probably doable with 560 Ti's in SLI but with the amount of money you'll be spending is about the same as a single 670. As far as the 570 it may or may not havn't seen or tried personally. The only reason I recommend the 670 is because keplar is a vast improvement over the 500 series and my new rig blows bf3 away.
  8. My 570 and 2500k (stock clocks) runs BF3 just fine on ultra. I'd still put in the extra $100 and go for a 670, if possible.
  9. Cheers guys you've been a big help will try and squeeze the budget for the 670 will see how it goes if not then a gtx 560ti will do fine.
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