Gpu for i5 2400


What GPU should I go with for this setup ?

There are currently these cards I'm looking at

Sapphire Hd 6850 1Gb GDDR5 775mhz/ 1000mhz

Sapphire HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 128-bit 800mhz/ 1125mhz

Or there's these cards but I only have $200.

Thanks for any help guys.
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  1. In the most of the games 6850 seems to be better
  2. Could you please tell me what would be the best gpu to go with a i5 2400? I'm a noob but I have heard of bottlenecking, I just want to make sure that anything won't slow down the rest of the hardware, the CPU in this case.
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    The HD6850 is significantly faster of those two and your best choice for $200 on that site. What you should get though is that HD5870 for $220. Definitely worth the extra money.
  4. hd 6850 is way better and faster then hd 7750 the hd 7750 performs like an hd 6770 which is behind in performance then hd 6850 so the better ways is to go with hd 6850.:)
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