First Build - CPU fan error and random rebooting

So, this is my first build. I finished it all and I thought I did a good enough job assembling the computer. However, when I first booted it I got the message...

"CPU Fan Error"
Press F1 to continue

I then pressed F1 and my UEFI BIOS came up. I noticed the cpu fan was spinning in the case and the BIOS was registering it between 600-725rpm. Then I noticed one of the front case fans was not spinning, however the light on it was lit and all the other fans were spinning. I figured this was something I could figure out shortly after installing windows and continued with the software. It was not long after I finished installing Windows 7 Home Premium OEM that the thing powered off and rebooted. It went right into the boot up and then stopped at the Safe Mode screen.

I tried multiple times to connect to the internet to make sure all the drivers on the MB were up to date but could not. So I used the driver disc that came with the MB. After I finished that, I noticed it was still both randomly rebooting as well as giving me the CPU Fan Error message.

So my question is, where do I start? I am completely clueless right now. I do have the CPU fan plugged into the correct header, this I checked. The BIOS says everything is alright. I tried to check the Performance event log, however the computer shutdown while i was doing that, so i came here.

Here is my rig...
Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO
Crucial M4 128GB
HIS Radeon HD 7850
PC power and cooling Silencer MK II 950w
Corsair Carbide Series 500R
LG 24x burner
Crucial Ballistix 8gb 1600dd3 RAM

I should be checking this a lot tonight. I really want this rig running by tomorrow night for the Diablo 3 release.

Thank you in advance, I really appreciate all the help.
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  1. I run the same motherboard with an i7-3770 and an EVO, and had the same problem.

    Go into bios, and under 'monitor' change the CPU fan speed low limit to 400. I haven't investigated the problem further and my system runs cool and stable. But my initial hunch was that it was taking the CPU fan a little too long to spin up before hitting bios - upon which point bios rejected it due to low rpm.

    Something to try, anyway :)
  2. Will try that as soon as I get home. Hopefully only 20 minutes.
  3. Is it possible the CPU fan error and the rebooting are linked? Kind of curious before I do something to stop getting an error that might actually mean something.
  4. Yeah, I think they're linked. That said, I didn't get any rebooting... but I never went that far. When I powered up my build and got the initial CPU fan error, I went into bios and changed the min speed to 600, maybe also set mode to "quiet" or the like. Once I exited, I never encountered the problem again - and my fan runs fine, system runs cool.
  5. I lowered the fan speed limit to 400rpm and that got rid of the CPU fan error.

    Now I was able to get this online and I am typing on it now. I can not get it to stop rebooting though. And of course that is the most worrrisome aspect.

    I have no idea why it would shut down. It does not seem to be recognizing my Video Card, as when i tried to install the drivers it told me so.

    Any ideas on the random reboot???
  6. electricSD said:
    I can not get it to stop rebooting though. And of course that is the most worrrisome aspect.

    Yeah, a separate issue then... there are a number of possibilities and the troubleshooting guide is probably a good place to get started:

    Some of the recommendations don't apply as your system boots, but just restarts.

    I would probably start by

    - checking to ensure everything is seated properly
    - checking CPU temps
    - swapping/removing RAM as suggested in guide above
    - removing GPU and connecting monitor directly to motherboard, to rule out potential GPU problem
    - checking everything else in guide above and breadboarding the pc
  7. Ok, I have done all of this. And the damn thing still reboots randomly.

    I went through all the connections four times.

    On a side note, the system will not recognize the video card either.

    Someone please help me!!
  8. Try reseating the ram or placing 1 in a black slot maybe bad ram.
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