Is this a FPS problem?

hi. ok so when i play battlefield 3, i try to snipe someone from afar. However, although my cursor is over my enemy when i click my mouse, it doesnt hit him. Is this a graphics card or FPS problem? I have a phenom ii x4 980 and a HD 6770 and i play on high settings at around 35 FPS.

thanks! :hello:
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  1. Update all drivers, this is some strange problem. Do you have this issue on other games or have you tried lowering the settings?
  2. drivers are all updated. This happens once in a while so i havent lowered the settings. In close combats its no problem. Its when Im sniping from a distance and the enemy is very small on my screen. I seem to be shooting him, but it doesnt hit. (maybe its my bad aim?)

    i was just wondering if this is because im playing at a relatively low frame rate (30-35)?
  3. Why don´t you try lowering the setting a bit, then see what happens?
  4. Yeah check your latency on your connection to the server. If it has a high ping time (200+ms) your going to see a lot of what you described... it's called LAG. Your video card has nothing to do with this.

    Look for games that have a ping of under 100ms.
  5. hmm ok. It happens in multi player games, my mouse is a wired razer deathadder, and i join games under 80 ping.. its probably my bad aim :(
  6. You have noticed bullets are affected by gravity and drop right?
  7. Your monitor has high input lag most likely, which means a click takes forever to register.
  8. azeem40 said:
    Your monitor has high input lag most likely, which means a click takes forever to register.

    what is high input lag and how can i fix it?
  9. It is only my speculation from what I heard in the OP. Your FPS is playable and your drivers are updated. It seems like the only logical thing I can see. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix it other than buying a new monitor.
  10. I dont think its fps because ive played with very low fps and while it made it harder to play of course it wasnt affecting my hits registering. I dont think its latency, I've played with high latency before and rarely or never saw bullets go through people without a hit and i dont think its input/monitorlag as any input at such a delay like that would be quite noticeable with any key input including all mouse movements.

    I think its bullet travel speed and drop you aren't accounting for. At long range you shouldnt be putting your crosshair on your target, and you can see your bullet travel and where it hits.
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