Is this a good mATX gaming pc?

Can I play Crysis 2 at a high resolution with 30+ FPS?

CPU: (Intel i3-2120 3.3Ghz)
GPU: (GTX 550 Ti)
RAM: (8GB Corsair Vengeance)
PSU: ( 550W 80+ PSU )
This is my Budget Gaming HTPC Build. I'm looking for high resolution, high settings, high frame rate. If there's anywhere I may need to put in more power, let me know! :D
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    That looks OK, I would try to get a better GPU though if you plan to play at 1080P. Perhaps drop to 4GB RAM and get a ~400W PSU and change to the HD 7770. That will give you slightly better performance and lower power consumption.
  2. Do you need a Hard Drive? Case? Anything else?
    I'm building a mATX build myself for my cousin, but his budget is around $800.
    What's your budget?
  3. What about a 6850?
  4. The 6850 should be good for 1080P gaming.
  5. Yeah the HD 6850 is slightly better than the HD 7770, I'd go for 450W+ though because the power consumption is a tad higher.
  6. So could I get by with a 450W? Name brand with 80+ of course
  7. Yeah that should be fine for something like the HD 6850 with an i3. The Corsair CX-430 or a Seasonic 430W unit perhaps. The XFX Core 450W is good too.
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