CPU burn in 2500K

I will be getting a i5 2500K and a Cooler Master 212 plus also Artic 5 paste.

My question is should I run the stock cooler for a few weeks and not OC the CPU at all to make sure there is no problems with it or should I install the cooler right off the bat and overclock it to 4.0GHz like I want too?
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  1. I'm not a fan of OCing but if you have your heart set on it you may as well do it right away. What better burn in could you get?
  2. Go with the 212 from the start. There is no need to run the stock cooler and the back-plate you need for the 212 can be a pain to install once the MB is mounted in the case. (Depending on the case)

    I usually do some load tests at stock settings to make a note of voltages, but then I go straight to the overclock.
  3. install the 212 straight away and run it at stock speed and check temperatures before overclocking to make sure you installed

    the cooler correctly

    and 4ghz is only a mild overclock for a 2500k

    around 4.5ghz is where i would be aiming with that cooler
  4. +1 mcnumpty

    Start a stock speed with the 3rd party HSF an run Prime95, IBT or LinX to make sure that the processor is performing like it should. Then you can slowly start to overclock.

    The Intel Performance Tuning plan will only cover overclocking 30 days after you buy it. So if you buy this at the same time that you get the processor you want to wait 30 days before you start to push the limits on it. http://click.intel.com/tuningplan/
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