GTX 460 1GB Auto-Downclock?


I'm using GTX 460 and trying to OC it using MSi Afterburner. However, any change to the core clock, shader clock or voltage gets automatically reverted to a limit at 405mhz (for the cc) and so on. Memory clock doesn't revert back. I've tried running this with AB settings applied with heaven benchmark 2.5 dx11 on maximum settings and speccy shows 405mhz. This card should have a stock cc of around 750mhz. So i'm completely confused here.

plz help.
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  1. You mean everytime you get overclocking it will downclock or each time you put a load on your card it underclocks? may I see your specs? have you tried using newest 295.73 drivers and newest version of the MSI Afterburner?
  2. well even if its not on load this is the minimum core clock for this card on 3D.

    Specs are:
    i3 2100 @3.1ghz
    GTX 460 1GB
    Antec TP 550w
    8gb corasir
    1tb seagate barracuda
    windows 7 64bit ultimate

    heres the report from speccy:

    GPU GF104
    Device ID 10DE-0E22
    Revision A2
    Subvendor nVidia (10DE)
    Series GeForce GTX 400
    Current Performance Level Level 2
    Current GPU Clock 405 MHz
    Current Memory Clock 324 MHz
    Current Shader Clock 810 MHz
    Voltage 0.912 V
    Technology 41 nm
    Die Size 332 nm²
    Release Date Jul 12, 2010
    DirectX Support 11.0
    OpenGL Support 5.0
    Bus Interface PCI Express x8
    Temperature 43 °C
    ForceWare version 285.62
    BIOS Version 70.04.2e.00.04
    ROPs 32
    Shaders 336 unified
    Memory Type GDDR5
    Physical Memory 1024 MB
    Virtual Memory 2816 MB
    Bus Width 192 (192 bit)
    Filtering Modes 16x Anisotropic
    Noise Level Quiet
    Max Power Draw 160 Watts
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