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so I'm getting an asus engtx 560 dc2 top 1gd5.

I read in several sites that it is 15% better than a reference gtx 560. Also, 560ti is 5.6% better and 570 is 9.6% better (all reference). Would this mean that an asus engtx 560 (~$290) is 5.4% better than a reference gtx 570(~$400) ?

Thanks in advance.
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    I don't know where you read the 560 dc2 top it being 9.6% better than 570. Unless you have the 560 ti 448 core and it is OC'd. Or the 570 is 9.6% better than that card.
  3. The other way around, actually. The reference 570 is 9.6% better than reference 560. 560 dc2 top is 15% better than reference 560. So, doing the math, I'd guess that 560 dc2 top is 15-9.6=5.4% better than reference 570. Dumb question, I know :D But I got it now, anyways.
  4. That is not a dumb question. In fact as you put it and if we look at the numbers it would appear that the 560 dc2 would be 5.4% faster that the 570. I see where you are coming from.
  5. Yeah, well at least I managed to get someone to see things my way. But that chart is pretty self- explanatory. Maybe it's 5.4% better overall like stats, but not performance-wise?
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