Sound Card to AV Reciver w/ HDMI and Display Port to U3011

I know I am posting this in the sound card area, but this is a question that covers most parts of the PC I am going to build..

So here is the basic specs to have an idea what I am going to be working with.

A/V Receiver is a Pioneer VSX-1020K
PC with 2x 570 EVGA Nvidia Cards
Monitor Dell U3011
Sounds Card ( To Be Decided if needed)

Okay so those 4 things encompass my overall question in regards how they will all work.

So my plan is to hook a HDMI cable from the graphics card to the receiver just for audio only.
The question is it worth it to get an independent sounds card if I am connecting to a A/V receiver, or just to go with the integrated sound card. So is there any advantage of having a sounds card - A/V receiver combo.

I do know when I hook the HDMI from PC to Reciver I should be able to get 7.1 PCM... with games.. (at least this was case with my laptop)
since Dolby Digital, and DTS don't bitstream unless I am playing a blu-ray which I wont because I leave that to the PS3.

Now the second part of this equation.. for the U3011 to get the 2560X1600 res. It needs to be Dual-DVI or Display Port...( I am going Display Port - I hear the 10 bit color is pretty sweet)

So can I have the Video ONLY going out Display Port to the Monitor, and have the graphics card which has the HDMI and through (FM -Fing Magic) - has the sound card connect through it, go to the receiver with out it well blowing up...

If anyone has ever dealt with any of these things before, or is doing something along these lines I would love to hear some advice and information regarding this.
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  1. I would plug the S/PDIF in the A/V Receiver?!? But the HDMI should work also. You only need to clone the desktop to it, because the A/V receiver will be identified as a monitor.
  2. I am pretty sure you can't get 7.1 or even 5.1 PCM on S/PDIF or Optical only HDMI can support that much.
  3. After doing some research, I am going to go ahead and go with HT-Omega Claro Halo w/ build in HI-FI headphone amp, for my Etymotic's - E.D.G.E Acoustics G X 400's for when I use them..

    Thou they are driven at 26 ohms.. I am getting a P to S converter for 120 ohms resistance for the amp in the sound card, and then using the cross link between the card and video card for HDMI out for PCM 7.1 @ 192 sample rate. for when I want to use the surround speakers.

    This is just to update those who have read thread.
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