please help me first.....i need a graphics card

hi.........i m not a expert in graphics card..........but i need a graphics card to play gta 4 on maximum settings without any lag..........please help me................

my specifications are----
18.5 inch widescreen led moniter
intel IInd gen i5 2.9ghz
6gb ddr3 ram
1tb hd
amd radeon hd 6450 1gb

help meee please......
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  1. You didn't say your budget but here's a great article summarizing performance/price and what settings to expect on most games.,3107-7.html
  2. here's a recent bench of gta 4 with recent gfx cards:,3148-11.html
    you didn't specify budget, location/preferred website (of purchase), psu specs etc.
    you a 18.5" display, a gtx 560 or radeon hd 6850 should be fine. 6770 cards can run gta well, they tend to cost less as well.
    edit: also list available choices.
  3. ^-1. A GTX580 is NOT needed, especially at what could be a resolution as low as 1366x768. Among AMD cards, I would suggest something like HD6850 > HD7770 > HD7750 = HD6770 > HD6670.
  4. To run GTA IV maxed out you need a lot of video memory. Of course at lower resolution 1GB should be fine but at 1920x1080 i would recommend at least 1.5GB of ram. You could get a great deal on a GTX 480.
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