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Can I remove these cables? (Pictures)

Hey there,

So just got finished installing an H100 on my new build and bought Silenx fans to compliment my build and have lower dBP sound levels when pushing the 100 a bit.

Getting back to the question, I now need to connect the two fan cables to the H100 cpu block/pump square. I can do it ezzy peezy, but for aesthetic's safe :D can I remove the (much larger power connector from my fan's cable? Can I just rip it out so that all that remains is the 3 pin (much smaller cable) ?

Here are some pictures I took to give ya an Idea :

Thank you in advance :bounce:
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    Yes, you can remove the molex and tape off the wires if you wish, its just an option if you wished to power them of the Psu directly
    Tape up or otherwise make safe the wires and you'll be fine
  2. Okay, Went down to Autozone and picked up electrical tape. (matches my first ever build! :wahoo: )
    I Hope i did it right and didn't wrongfully interpret what you said moto. Sorry I'm new to this and sound dumb :??:

    Did I do it right oh wise one?
  3. Thats fine, you could trim them shorter if you'd wished to but as long as those two wires don't touch each other or bare metal you're fine, thats nice taping there man, neat and tidy :-)
  4. :) Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.
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