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I purchased an HP computer about a year ago which came with Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit. I upgraded my motherboard and my computer would not recognized the OS. The OS came built in the computer so I have no recovery discs, so I called to see if I could get a hard copy and I was denied unless I purchased the software again. Since I already purchased the software when I bought the computer I should be able to download it or something and put it on a disc. Is there anyway to get a copy of my OS without having to spend the 99 dollars to purchase another copy? I don't want to have to pay a computer company again to reinstall it for me.
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  1. You need to contact Microsoft and they may be able to give you the same activation key and just activate it again but you still need the disks. You can install the OS as many times as you want on a computer as long as you have the same motherboard. You may also have to contact HP to see if you can get the disks.
  2. Yeah but presume the licence on the computer is an OEM licence so I think you might have to buy a full copy of Windows 7 in order to get your OS back. OEM licences don't allow licences to be transferred from PC to PC and by upgrading the motherboard you've made the OS think it's on a new PC.
  3. Thank you for the response back. I had a tech install Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit from their store. It loaded up and then a few days back I had a message come up saying something about my validation of windows 7 and it gave me the option of trying a different key, activation over phone or buy a new key.
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