New AMD-based Desktop Build(need some advice)

Hey Guys here's my specs
Videocard: Geforce GT 440 GDDR5 1GB
Processor: Core2 Duo E6850 @3Ghz
Mainboard: HP XW4600 Workstation OEM
Memory: 4x1GB Freescale M3
Soundcard: nVidia GF108 HD Audio
PSU: Delta DPS-475CBA r03 475W

I want to build a new ATX-based AMD PC with these features
-Cheap(Under about $350)
-Can be overclocked(motherboard and CPU)
-I don't care about HDMI VGA or DVI in the motherboard
-AM3(+) socket
I am using the same case as I have now and possibly the PSU if it can handle the following below
Here is what I have made so far, tell me if it's good

X2 Phenom 555 BE
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  1. that cpu will be equal to your current core 2 duo. Phenom II = Core 2 for performance per clock/per core. So you wont see any real benefit here. If i were you I would start with upgrading the video card and psu. then save some money and get a better cpu and motherboard. a core i3 2100 is the best budget gaming cpu around at the moment and will be a good steup up from your current cpu. It would also be a good match for a gtx560.
  2. just subscribe to newegg or tigerdirects newsletter... you could get a whole new setup minus vidcard and monitor for the amount your trying to spend.. its better than ebay..
  3. the x2 555 BE has very high odds of unlocking to a quad core. But that's its only advantage over your core 2 duo.

    Some other problems, you wouldn't want to use a stock AMD heatsink on anything really let alone a CPU built for unlocking/overclocking. especially since you want to overclock. The sweet spot for the 555 was 2 years ago. get an intel quad that works in your board if you want one.

    And you wouldn't want to use a triple channel memory kit on any AMD or most Intel's.
  4. Would a Phenom X4 965 QC BE be a good choice. I don't like Intel very much, and i3s can't be overclocked. How much won't an i3 be /w heatsink, a MB, Ram, and GTX 560($120) be?

    How about unlocking a 960t to 6 cores with 3.0ghz? Any option over Intel I will take other than FM1 MBs
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