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Hello, im going to build my own PC and i was wondering what diffrences a chipset can have. I understand the mother board needs to have the slot you want but as far as the chipset (going to use a i5-3570k, 8 gig ram, 660TI GPU and about 650-700 PSU) what diffrences do they make as far as performance.

Will there be chipsets that i should look for specifically or are they all preety much the same for my set up for gamming?

Thanks :sol:
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  1. Some chipsets allow for overclocking, some do not, some allow for built in graphics, some do not, the list goes on. If using an IB k processor I would be looking at a chipset capable of overclocking such as Z77.
  2. Thanks. Are all the Z77 able to be overclocked. Is there a place i can see examples of other chipsets or mother boards that can be overclocked.

    Also im assuming the chipsets dont make much improvement on ur other components like GPU, RAM and such?

  3. Here is a list of the current 7 series chipset capabilities H77, Z75 and Z77
    Hope it helps to clarify things a little
  4. I would recommend Z77 Motherboard for a new build.
  5. with mb is not the chipset but the price point at what your buying that the vendor will be tossing in perks or having more features then another model. mb vendors on low end mb you wont have as big of heat sink or power reg as the more exp mb or you have less ports on the back of the mb or less sata ports. some low end mb wont do sli or crossfire. also with low end mb are thiner then then more costly mb. also with low end mb there mostly no name brands or brands that may have a higher then normal return rate. when picking out a mb look at tested review and product reviews to see if the mb had a high doa rate.
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