Hd 7750/7770 in p7 1157c

My HP p7 1157c has a 300w PSU and a A6 3600 CPU at 2.1Ghz (which I don't know too much about) and about 8 gigs of RAM. I'm looking for a GPU that would run CS:GO (competitive) on a 22' widescreen monitor at 1920 x 1080 native res. I was looking/researching the Radeon HD 7750 as well as the 7770 since they use very little power. Was wondering which card would I be better off purchasing?

So should I go for the 7750? Or perhaps just purchase a more powerful PSU and then the 7770 to go with it? Wouldn't that just bottleneck my cpu and cause problems? I know my PC blows either way but I'm trying to make the best with what I have here.
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  1. For the performance per dollar spent then I believe the HD7750 will run fine on your current PSU.
  2. The problem with HPs, is that they tend to have a weird form factor, I would check first to see if your case has room for the card inside of it.
  3. Height: 39.4 cm (15.55 inches)
    Width: 17.5 cm (6.89 inches)
    Depth: 40.9 cm (16.14 inches)

    is my case dimensions, but I'm having trouble finding the dimensions for the 7750... (nevermind got it lol)

    thanks peoples, I'm probably going for the 7750 then (my initial thought)
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