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Hello, I'm building a computer and was wondering about the power supply -- I've done a lot of research myself, I just want some other answers...Here are my specs:

NZXT Phantom 410 Full Tower
Intel DZ68DB Motherboard LGA 1155
Intel core i7 2600
AMD Radeon HD 6870
Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD
Crucial 64GB SSD
Kingston 8gb Hyper-X Blu 1333Mhz
Currently I have a OCZ ModXStream 700w psu
My question is that a good psu for the specs? If I forgot anything (which I probably did) just ask. Will it work with my gpu and everything else?

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  1. If the build is for gaming buy i5 2500k. Your PSU is good for the build.
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    It should be enough, though if you plan on crossfiring in the future, I would recommend an 800w (750 if you dont like to overkill). Also, I agree with sosofm, The i5 2500k or the 2550k (<--- ten bucks more) would be the ideal choice for gaming, as it/they is unlocked, and during games seems to be much more stable.
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