ATI Firepro V4800 Install Issues

Hi All New To this Forum
I am trying to install the V4800 ATI Fire Pro Card into a HP Pavilion a1250n with AMD Athlon 64 x2 Processor. I upgraded the power supply to a thermaltake 750 watt PS and all systems are working with the ps upgrade. But when i put the PCIE V4800 card in nothing happens no Video at all and the fan spins but no Video. Also i have read the onboard video on the box self disables when you put the card into the pci e slot on sys restart. I am not sure this happens since it does not work. Any and all help is Greatly appreciated. the box also has 4 gig of ram if that matters. Win XP Pro
TIA :hello:
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  1. Are you connecting the display of your monitor with the graphics card port or not ?
  2. Hi Aviral
    yes i am plugging it into the card thu an adapter to the card not into the hdmi plug
  3. New issues with this card i have tried the HDMI dvi VGA PLUGA and this card just will not work with this Comp,. I am at a loss since the specs say it will work with this sys. i even took it back to the store and made them plug it in to a sys they had and it fired right up. Any Ideas anyone ?????
  4. Give me a detailed explaination for fired right up because it is giving me two meaning
    1)It worked very fine
    2)It does not work at all?
  5. Hi aviral the only thing that worked was the fan and no video, After trying all the cables and connections i gave up on the card and took it back and got a Nvidia based Quadro card and put it in and the whole system works like i had hoped the V4800 would and it only cost me 10 more bucks and it works GREAT Thanks For your Time on this.
    it is a PNY Quadro 600 1 gig mem card pci e and the puter works great. GO NVIDIA !!!!! :wahoo:
  6. My pleasure.
    May be that card had been suffering from internal IC failures that caused unworking for your system.
  7. i just bought fire pro ati v4800 and cant get it work on my pc either..uugggh can i upgrade my AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics with a ati firepro v4800
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