I keep lagging out

Me and my family (brother, mum, dad) live in the same house hold, and we have all been experiencing lag problems. Now, by lag I don't mean slow connection, or jumpy graphics in video games; every now and then the connection drops, and it takes a few minutes before we can reconnect. This doesn't always happen at peak times; it happened to my dad today at 7:30 am!
Sometimes, like just now, my dad lagged out on his computer, I did but my brother didn't (my dad has a really old machine, my mum uses a school laptop and me+bro use a gaming PC). Only me and bro are usually on at the same time, but I often lag even when nobody else is online.
My neighbour across the street says he has also been experiencing the same symptoms of lag as me, when playing online games (he will randomly drop), and it started for him around roughly the same time I started experiencing them (it started about a few months ago).

Is this usual behavior for lag? does my family need a better router? I am not sure why it happens, any help would be much appreciated.
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    What router are you currently using? Has anyone attempted to update the firmware in the router yet? Does everyone have the most up to date network drivers for their computers (as found at the network chip manufacturer's website, NOT from Windows Update)? Does the router have a wireless AP built in? If so, have you secured the wireless properly?
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  3. I am currently using a Belkin 54G router;

    I don't believe anyone has updated the firmware on the router, but if anyone would have it would be my dad;

    I believe me and my brother have up to date network drivers, my mum should have but I'm not sure about my dad as he uses a really old computer;

    the router does have wireless but none of us use it much as the connection is not good, especially when travelling through walls in our house.
  4. If you are comfortable flashing the router firmware (and if there are any updates for it), do it. It not, get your dad to do it.

    How long have you had that router? There is also a remote possibility that the unit is failing, and it's time to get a new one. If your not sure, ask whoever bought the unit when it was purchased.
  5. I have had the unit for 2-3 years now. I have read that people have had various issues with the same type of router I am using, and even that Belkin isn't a good type of router.
  6. I generally go with brands like Linksys or D-Link over Belkin. I too have had issues with Belkin networking products. If you can afford it, maybe it's time to move up to a wireless N router.
  7. Ok thanks, that will help me out :)

    I am sorry for taking so long to reply, I forgot about this thread^^
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