Monitor "blinks" when i turn on 2nd monitor

Hi. I have 2 monitors hooked up to my graphics card. My first monitor is a Acer 23' and my 2nd monitor is a vizio 19' which is also a tv. I usually just use my main monitor. However when i turn on my 2nd monitor to watch tv or have more desktop space, my first monitor "blinks" (turns black for a second and makes a sound). I was wondering what the problem is and how can i fix it?

This is my first monitor (acer)

This is my 2nd monitor (vizio)

This is my graphics card

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  1. oh yea my drivers are all updated.
  2. see if both monitor work on same refresh rate the vizio support is 60 hertz max.check in cc panel for the flat screen settings when both are on you could need to ajust something
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