Hackintosh + aust price list - $1000 vid edit+game build


Looking a hackintosh for video/photo editing, and as long as i can run Diablo/starcraft on the prettiest settings, i will be happy!

AS i live in Australia, amazon prices are slightly different, our best prices are found on this spreadsheet, http://www.msy.com.au/Parts/PARTS.pdf . Or if there any other australian options i am happy!

Alos as a variable, i have 2 PCI (not PCIe) PRO TOOLS HD 2 sound cards if i could fit in the motherboard if possible.

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  1. Fellow Aus here. Iv found that PC Case Gear have better or similar prices and a wider range of core components than MSY. Its where im getting the majority of my build from.
  2. oh awesome.

    yea just not sure where to start with hackintosh builds :(
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