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So i installed an nvidea geforce gtx 560 ti in my computer along witha new power supply. I'm using the hdmi port to connect to my monitor instead of vga/dvi. Everything was going well however now i have no audio. After some research i think that this problem is caused by my graphics card being the default audio device. I don't know how to change my audio device back to the onboard sound card. I looked in BIOS but it doesn't appear to be an option and i can't find a manual for my motherboard. Ty

Ps. i have this motherboard.
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    Don't use the HDMI port from the graphics card.

    The graphics card can process ONLY certain audio codecs like Dolby Digital. It's meant mainly for movies. It's generally quite pointless.

    Unlike laptops, the HDMI audio is not connected in any way to your onboard sound, or sound card.

    *The ONLY way to get proper audio is to use your onboard sound, or sound card. Unless you have a 3.5mm audio input on your monitor your out of luck.

    I strongly recommend you get normal desktop speakers for far better sound and connect to the onboard sound or sound card.

    My advice is the M-Audio AV30 desktop speakers for about $100. They have awesome sound for the price.
  2. Update:
    You can have multiple audio sources in a computer and must TOGGLE between them if you change sources.

    1. right-click the audio icon (lower right)
    2. "playback devices"
    3. "playback"
    4. choose the proper one and click "default"

    - if you use onboard sound, you need to have it enabled in the BIOS
    - if you use a sound card, disable your onboard sound in the BIOS
    - make sure you have the proper drivers (motherboard site/Realtek for onboard usually or Creative/Auzentech/Asus for sound card depending on the card.)

    - *You should DISABLE the HDMI audio for the graphics card if you don't use it in the Device Manager but that's not essential.
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  4. Thanks a lot to both of you. I just swapped out my cable it was by far the easiest fix. I appreciate the answers.
  5. You're welcome from BOTH of us.
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