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So i just bought a new gaming computer and put it together. When i got it all set up and was going for my first test to see if it turned on and it did. Its wierd because ill turn on the switch in the back but it wont turn on, but if i turn the switch to the off position the computer turns on. What would be causing this? Its the same thing with the power and reset button. The reset button turns on the computer, and the power button doesn't. I switched the reset and power cables and the power button than turned on the computer. Anyone know why this would be happening?
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  1. The place that made the computer must have gotten the wires backwards. Then the power supply face plate was probably put in upside down. So it's just some shoddy workmanship that's all.
  2. Thats what i thought it was, just wanted to get someones opinion on it. Ty m8.
  3. No problem , somebody just wasn't paying attention to what they were doing or it was almost quitting time and they were rushing it.
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