Not shutting down, help!

I just built my first computer a few months ago, here are the specs:
ASUS p8p67 deluxe
gtx 680
crucial 60gb SSD- for OS
WD 500 GB HDD- for games etc...
Windows 7 ultimate
16gb ram @ 1600

My computer has been working great with no problems, then last night I noticed it was pausing slightly while playing minecraft. Then when I tried to shutdown my computer kept doing the its thinking sign with (the mouse cursor becomes a blue circle) when I hit the windows button. When I hit ctrl alt dlt to open task manager it didn't do anything, the screen actually went black until I just shut it down through the ctrl alt dlt screen. I went to bed and woke up at two in the morning and it was still logging off. I have the latest version of AVG paid version, and I don't just download anything, I always scan it and only download stuff that I trust the website. Marvell hdd support is saying that it needs to be updated to support my SSD, but I haven't had any issues until lately. I had fraps up last night and firefox. I had no problems with minecraft earlier in the day, please help!

Thanks everyone in advance!

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  1. I also play SWTOR, crysis 2, SC2, etc... with no problems. All of these problems happened on a Sunday... NO HELP?!?!?!
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