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Hey everyone, my name is Ska, and thanks for reading this for starters. I am looking to build a laptop in order to first use for school.

What I will be doing is Computer Animations / Graphics using programs like Maya and 3dsmax to build video games, photoshop, and illustrator.
The second thing I will be doing is gaming and recording, doing things like DiabloIII, possibly live stream, using Fraps and rendering the videos using Sony Vegas Pro.

I would like advice to know if the laptop I've built can built cheaper and still do the above things, or is the laptop I've created below and it's price, the best it's going to get. Any advice at all is appreciated and my thanks.

My laptop that I've built can be previewed below.
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  1. Any advice at all from anyone?
  2. Why do you need to do all that on a laptop? A desktop would be ten times faster for half the money; use that to buy a cheaper laptop for mobility.
  3. Well I need a laptop for school (Expression) for game design. Perhaps if I used my laptop purely for the programs and the desktop for gaming, would that be wiser ?
  4. My recommendation for the $1500 that laptop costs buy a desktop for about a thousand and use the rest for a laptop; it should be enough for an i5 equipped laptop which is enough for everything you should be doing on a laptop IMO. If this is a university I'm sure they have computer classrooms - you don't have to have all the software on your laptop.
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