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Does the ASRock Z77 extreme 4-m fit any case?

Was wondering if the 4-m being smaller than the 4 mean that the slots for inputs smaller? Or will it fit any case?
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    The ASRock Extreme 4 Z77-M is a Micro ATX motherboard apposed to the Full Sized ATX board that the ASRock Extreme 4 Z77 is :)

    It will fit in any ATX case, it's only a little bit shorter than the normal Extreme 4, nothing else is different.
  2. You just won't use half the slots on the case because of the board being a micro board , everything else has to be the same size since all the video cards and other addon card have to fit.
    The boars has 4 slots and most mid tower cases have 7 slot openings so the bottom three will be not used.
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  4. Thanks heaps guys :)
  5. You want to see funny, look at a ITX board in a ATX case :)
  6. nukemaster said:
    You want to see funny, look at a ITX board in a ATX case :)

    Oh my goodness...that words can describe that! LOL!
  7. If I had one of those older Xaser gaming cases. I would ITX it just to see reactions. Walk into a lan party with that
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